A Couple of Recent Illustrations

I’ve been doing a lot of painting recently.  Some for upcoming childrens books (very exciting) some potential new card designs, Christmas card designs, figures, characters, postcards and scribbles.  I haven’t yet tried to paint Samuel the Spaniel, but I think I will soon.  How do you capture all the naughtiness and cuteness all in one?

Anyway, above pictured are a couple of random illustrations from the past week.  The first, similar to my New Year post, playing around with a bit of illustrated type.  The second is a picture of a sweet pea from my garden.  The baby plants were a birthday present from my Mummy back in April.

It’s been a tough old time recently, there has been some very sad family news.  I have and will be travelling a lot to visit family over the next few weeks, so I’ve cut down the amount I’m doing. Painting and sketching is a peaceful activity, and one in which I’m finding solace and a bit of space during an emotional time.  For those who are having a tough time too, pick up your pencil (it doesn’t matter if you can’t draw) and scribble away, you might find it helps.

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