Autumn Is A Season Of Change

I really love Autumn.  It’s the colours that get me.  Oranges, reds, greens, golds, all with a slight edge to them, a sort of burning richness that sometimes just make my heart sing!

It’s been a long time since I last posted some images of my illustrations.  Mostly because I haven’t been drawing for a few weeks!  This little sketch was something to get my watercolours going again, in preparation for a few more illustrations for Seymour’s Borders of Sleep stories.

Autumn is a season for change.  We looked at this in my church small group last night – how change affects us, and that it’s a good thing.  Anything or anyone that’s growing experiences change. Even now, I still work on an Academic calendar – September – September, and am expectant of change in the Autumn.  Well, things are different this year.  The wedding season rush is slowing (although happily there are still more weddings to come!) and the weather is changing.  The pattern of the working week changes as priorities change, and sadly, my family has changed too.

My wonderful Nan, (my naughty Nanny who smokes) passed away on Tuesday.  We will all miss her so much and we are so thankful for her in our lives.

We need to embrace changes, but be thankful for how things used to be.

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