A Few New Things



I haven’t posted a lot of new illustrations recently, but that’s not to say I haven’t been painting.  I have in fact been painting and designing all Summer long and now have quite a collection of new things to show you.  I’ve waited until the products themselves are printed, and they’ve popped up on the Etsy shop before I reveal them.  I’m expecting to add some over the next few days.
These are three little byproducts that I’ve put on the Floral Footsteps Online shop just today!  Weenie gift tags (4cm x 7cm) with some of my original watercolour designs printed on.  I’m slightly obsessed with pumpkins at the moment (see the collection I made yesterday!) hence the first picture, the second is my great love of bunting, and the third you might recognise from my Floral Watercolour Backgrounds Post.  I’ve been developing more floral watercolour backgrounds for wedding invitations and thank you cards, which will be revealed in good time.
Lots more little characters and designs to come, the collection is growing!

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