A Special & Entirely Unique Birthday Illustration

Recently, I was given the brief of creating a “Lord Mayor Float” original illustration, about A4 size for a birthday girl who turned 30.  I was also given the longest ever list of items, memories, logos, animals and more to squeeze on, creating a mish-mash of favourites and memories for the birthday girl to treasure.

I thought I’d share with you the picture, and a few close ups of some of my very favourite parts of the illustration:

How many different things can you spot in the picture?  There’s a fair few to find!

The side of the float had “posters” pinned to it, with all sorts of favourite shows, places, restaurants and more.

There was a distinct ‘girly’-feel to this picture, with curly writing, plenty of pink, princess dresses and the lovely Betty’s Tea Rooms.

Did you spot the caterpillar underneath the Lorry?  Don’t ask me why it’s there – it’s a bizzare, amusing story from those who commissioned me the picture – but I rather like the critter who carried the lorry.  I slightly fell in love with his cheeky face I drew!  I wondered if perhaps he would inspire someone to write a story.  Perhaps Seymour will do it…

And finally, some of the wheels of the lorry (or the caterpillar, whichever way you see it!) I put as other circular objects which featured on the long list of items to paint.  One was a trivial pursuit ‘pie’, the other a vaseline pocket tin.

A truly original piece of art! 😉

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