A Preview Just for You

Well, I’ve been keeping many, many illustrations secret for months, and I’m not really sure why anymore.  I think I was waiting until some fabulous launch moment, but it never came.  So, lucky readers that you are… I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of some new designs!

These, and more, will be available as very affordable prints in the near future, so if there are any you like, keep checking twitter and facebook for more details.  I’ll be expanding a range of nursery prints too, which I’m rather excited about, although, I’ll want to keep them all for when I have a nursery.

I did see the most lovely thing on Pinterest the other day that would be perfect for a nursery.  A family tree wall!  Can’t wait to have a go at this, if I ever had a house big enough to justify it.  Check it out – <<here>>.  And then come back, and take a look at my new designs.


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